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About Cast

Cast is an app that lets you record, edit, and publish a podcast with ease. Cast is made up of three parts:

Podcasting tips

Recording a great podcast is all about your content, but you don't want your production quality to interfere with your listeners' enjoyment of your podcast. We've put together a few easy recording tips to make sure your podcast sounds great over on the Studio page.

Our monthly plans

Cast is free to try for your first month – in fact, all trial users get a month of Cast's hobby plan for free. After that month (or before, if you're raring to go!) you can subscribe to one of Cast's paid plans. Cast has two plans, both priced in USD:

Hobby Plan ($10/mo) Pro Plan ($30/mo)
10 hours of recording time per month 100 hours of recording time per month
Unlimited editing and mixing Unlimited editing and mixing
Intelligent Noise Reduction Intelligent Noise Reduction
Podcast hosting and analytics Podcast hosting and analytics
Castettes and custom subdomains Castettes and custom subdomains
Scheduled Sessions & The Greenroom Scheduled Sessions & The Greenroom
One RSS feed Unlimited RSS feeds
Automatic Dropbox sync (Beta)
Historical & comparative hosting stats

Cast's Hobby plan is great for users who are just getting started, or for people who record a short or infrequent podcast. If you record frequently or just want to leave the mic running and see what you capture – or if you're getting serious and want access to pro features like automatic Dropbox sync and advanced hosting stats – our Pro plan might be right for you.

Keep in touch

We love to hear from people who are using Cast we provide support by email at, and you can find us on Twitter at @castapp (although we find that email works much better for support queries). If you're emailing us with a question about a specific recording you've made and would like us to take a look at it, be sure to include the name/ID of the recording in the email.

There's also a Cast Blog 🎉, which we update regularly with news and lots of other podcast-related info.

If you'd like to receive an (infrequent) email newsletter about new Cast features and answer surveys about which new features you'd like the most (in exchange for free Cast credits, of course), sign up at our TinyLetter page.

September 18, 2023: Hey Podfasters — Cast just got faster! 💨

Over the past few weeks we've rolled out a number of changes that have made nearly every part of Cast faster — from Editing to Mixing to Hosting. While we're not completely done with these changes (and Cast will actually keep getting faster over the next few weeks too), we wanted to brag a little bit about them here before we write up a whole blog post about it.

We've been carefully testing and rolling this out so the only thing you should notice is that your Cast experience has just subtly gotten that much better, but if you do run into any hiccups, please send us an email at and we'll take a look.