Dropbox Sync (Beta!)

A quick overview

Cast's Dropbox Sync is a new feature (currently in beta) that allows Cast to automatically sync a copy of your Studio recording to your Dropbox account at the conclusion of your recording session. This feature is available for Pro users, and makes no other changes to your Cast workflow, except for automatically syncing a second copy of your recorded audio to your Dropbox account.

How can I use this?

If you're a Cast Pro user, all you need to do is head over to your Account page and link Cast to your Dropbox account. (If you're not a Pro user, this is another great reason to consider upgrading your Cast subscription to Pro!) Once your Dropbox account has been linked, Cast will automatically sync each recording to the Cast App Folder in your Dropbox account once the Studio session concludes. That's it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why beta? What does it mean that this is in beta?

We're trying some new things out, and, in the case of Dropbox sync, we need some people to help us kick the tires on this thing. While we've run Dropbox sync through our traditional battery of internal testing, we'd like to see more usage on this feature before we declare victory. If you do run into any issues, please let us know and we'll do our best to sort them out.

What happens if Dropbox Sync doesn't work?

We've tried to make Dropbox Sync as easy to use as possible. If Dropbox Sync is unable to sync your files (typically because it's lost access to your account, or because you have no available space on your Dropbox account), Cast will send you an email and automatically disable Dropbox Sync for future recordings. You're welcome to resolve the issue and re-enable Dropbox Sync.

Where does Cast save my files in Dropbox?

Cast has access to a folder called Cast in the Apps folder in your Dropbox account. When it syncs a recording, it creates a folder with that recording's name and unique ID inside the Cast folder, and syncs your recording files into that folder.

Does Cast have access to my Dropbox files?

Cast can't access any files outside of your Apps/Cast folder in Dropbox – and we've set it up like that on purpose. When you grant Cast Dropbox access, you're only granting us access to this one App Folder, which is where Cast will sync your recording files. The rest of your files are none of our business.

Can I use Dropbox Sync to upload files to Cast?

Nope. Dropbox Sync operates in one direction only – it saves a copy of your Cast recording to your Dropbox account. That's it.

Can I sync my older Cast recordings to Dropbox?

Dropbox Sync runs at the conclusion of each recording session, so there's currently no way to sync older, preexisting Cast recordings to Dropbox (but that's definitely something we're looking at).

Will my recording sync to Dropbox if I leave the Studio before it completes?

Nope, Cast runs Dropbox Sync at the conclusion of a successful recording, so if you leave Cast's Studio before your recording completes, nothing will be synced to Dropbox.

How do I stop Cast from syncing my recordings to my Dropbox account?

Head on over to your Cast Account page and click "Unlink" in the Dropbox Sync section. Once you've done that, you're all set and Cast won't automatically sync any future recordings to your Dropbox. (Leaving the Studio prior to your recording's completion is always a bad idea, as it prevents Cast from properly finalizing your recording.)

What happens to my synced recordings if I downgrade my account from Pro to Hobby, or cancel my Cast account entirely?

Once a recording has synced to your Dropbox, Cast doesn't touch it anymore. Downgrading or cancelling your Cast account won't affect your previously-synced recordings at all.

How many files will be synced Dropbox for each recording?

Cast creates a separate, high-fidelity recording for each participant in your Studio session, and each of these recordings will be synced over to your Dropbox. For example: if your Studio session has three participants (including yourself), you'll see three recording files for this session synced to your Dropbox.

How much space will my recordings take up in my Dropbox account?

The space used by a recording will vary based on the length of your recording and the number of participants in the recording session. A good rule of thumb is to expect each participant's recorded audio to take up 30-40MB per hour of recorded audio. If, for example, two participants recorded an hour-long session, you can estimate this will use around 80MB of space in your Dropbox account.