Adding to a Recording After the Fact

Why Would I Want to Do This?

Many users find it easiest to focus their recording session on simply capturing a conversation between participants, however your final podcast might consist of a few additional elements book-ending this conversation: a spoken intro, outro, perhaps a message from your sponsor read by the host.

Whether simply for convenience, or because you couldn't know at the time what content your intro and outtro will reference, you may find it easier to record these elements of your podcast once you have concluded your recording, while you're editing your podcast. Punch-ins make this easy to do in Cast's Editor.

What is a Punch-in?

Cast's Editor supports recording "punch-ins", which is a term we've borrowed from older-tape based recording. With Cast's punch-ins, you can record brief audio clips (up to two minutes in length) from the Editor itself, which is great for recording and inserting audio after the fact without having to leave the Editor. Once you've recorded and approved your punch-in, Cast's Editor will insert it as a wedge at your current playhead position. Once inserted, a punch-in will behave like any other wedge in your Editor session, and can be moved or deleted.

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