Pop Filters

What is Popping?

When you speak, your voice is carried to the microphone on air from your lungs. In the case of some words – particularly words that start with the letter 'p', such as 'pop' – the force of the air from the 'p' sound will cause the microphone to capture an unpleasant loud popping sound.

How Can I Reduce Popping?

Many microphones – particularly microphones made for recording voices – include a built-in pop filter or pop guard. If your microphone doesn't have one, or you're finding that you're getting popping in your recordings, you can often buy a clip on pop filter that you can place between your mouth and your microphone. These filters are usually a ring of stretched fabric; by attenuating some of the energy from those pop sounds, they reduce the severity of pops captured by your microphone.

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