Your Internet Connection

Why Does My Connection Matter?

If you plan to record a podcast with other participants on the internet, it's important to have an internet connection that is both reliable and fast enough to handle your live voice call and saving your recording, and the same is true for all other participants in your recording session.

In the case where a participant's internet connection is unreliable, the connection may drop out, interfering with your ability to carry on a regular, uninterrupted conversation. In severe cases, an unreliable connection may cause the participant to be dropped from your call entirely, derailing the recording session until they rejoin.

If a participant's internet connection isn't fast enough to handle the recording session, the immediate outcome will be that Cast will attempt to reduce the quality of the voice call to something the connection can manage. While this will be audible in the call, it won't change the quality of the final recording. If the participant's internet connection is still unable to keep up with the demands of the call, the outcome will likely be similar to an unreliable connection – audio dropouts when the connection falls too far behind, and potential disconnection if it continues to be unable to keep up.

What Can I Do About My Connection?

Many unreliable connections start with an unreliable wifi connection – the connection between your computer and your wireless router. A wifi connection is subject to various forms of interference; from appliances in your home, to other nearby wifi networks, to the various walls and pieces of furniture between your computer and your router, these can all reduce the reliability and speed of your connection. Switching from a wireless connection to a wired connection (by connecting your computer to your router using a network cable) is often the quickest and most reliable way to resolve these issues.

In the case where your connection remains unreliable or slow, it may be worthwhile to contact your internet provider to have them investigate whether there's a problem with the connection to your home.

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